Joanne Wan & James Yu are getting married Title


He could barely make eye contact as she handed over the shiny name tag. It was his first networking event, and by chance, she was running the show. He was nervous, and yet, he knew right away that there was something comforting about this girl — she was at once beautiful and familiar.

They hit it off, and for months, they hung out with new friends from the startup world. They drove around the Bay Area together, talking for hours even when the destination had arrived.

It wasn't long until they were dining on their first date at The French Laundry, cooing over the white truffle polenta and impossibly sweet uni. Their shared interests in photography, food, and technology transformed into a rare mixture of love and friendship. They were inseparable.

You could say it was love at first spoonful.

Over the next three years, they journeyed through life together. Both of them worked hard in the Web 2.0 startup world, while photographing their culinary adventures along the way. He loved to build products, and she loved to influence people to use them.

They grew some of their closest friendships through board game nights. He decided this was the perfect venue to pop the question. After considering a number of games, he decided the best game to spell out his marriage proposal was Bananagrams. He carefully planned out what to spell out in his proposal and went through multiple iterations. On August 7, 2010, he used the tiles to discreetly spell out "Joey Marry Me". She was totally surprised, and said yes!



Nestldown Estate

22420 Old Santa Cruz Highway

Los Gatos, CA 95033

September 18, 2011

3 O'Clock in the Afternoon

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Please be cautious using navigation and mapping systems. They can be misleading. Detailed driving directions are below.

  1. Take Hwy 85 South to Hwy 17 South
  2. Take Hwy 17 South towards Santa Cruz
  3. Drive about 7.8 miles to the Redwood Estates exit
  4. (Summit Road is one exit past the Redwood Estates exit)
  5. Drive about another 1.2 miles to exit at the Summit Road exit
  6. Off the exit, make a RIGHT and cross back over the freeway
  7. Make a LEFT at the stop sign to Summit Road East
  8. Drive about 1 mile and then take a LEFT onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy (Keep your eyes open. There is no stop sign!)
  9. Drive about 0.6 miles and look for the group of 4 green mailboxes off to the right side of the road. This is it!
  10. Continue to drive down the long driveway to the left of the mailboxes
  11. Park in gated lot
  12. Walk down the road to the barn

Helpful Hints

Nestldown has rustic roads and beautiful gardens best experienced in sensible shoes. Heels might be a challenge on the grassy lawn. The reception will be held on the grassy main lawn. After dinner dancing will be held in the barn. There is a working train and bocce ball court, so be prepared to have fun and explore!

Our Registry

Many of you know that we love to travel, eat and take photos all along the way! So instead of the traditional gift registry and boxed gifts, we have opted for a Honeyfund, which provides our registry items as contributions to our honeymoon in Bali. We're so excited to have you be a part of the honeymoon and the foodie adventures we hope to have there! Just click the Honeyfund button below and you'll be a major part of us having a memorable trip!

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